Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012.   What is your opinion?  I want a debate right here on this blog.  We as Americans have a responsibility to see that the right person is elected as our Commander and Chief AKA The President.

My opinion is Newt/Romney is the worst choice we could even think of.  And I’m leaning towarfd Ron Paul.   because of where he stands on all the issues and has always on all the issues stood firm and hasn’t flipped flopped on any issues.

Everybody says he will get rid of welfare.  He’s  saying what we all say, people need to get off their ass and work for what they have, in our current system today it is better to stay at home and not work.  If you go to work you lose the ins. they give you and most of the time make less money working than what you made just milking the Gov.

I’m sorry it just chaps my ass to see all these people who just sit home and not work because they make more money doing so.  They are driving brand new cars while i struggle to keep my old clunker running.  they have the best medical and dental ins. available while I struggle to make another payment on my 3rd rate med. ins. plan that don’t cover shit.

Where does it stop?  We don’t just need a change we need a complete over haul.  Ron Paul is offering just that if elected. We also need to get rid of the crooks that are in our gov. system today.  Every one knows they are there and Ron Paul is the only one Who acknowledges they exist and  has a plan to eliminate most of them.

We need a complete overhaul to our Gov. Ron Paul has not only the best plan but the only one who even has a plan.  All the other candidates running are saying the same ole song and dance, promising this and that but in reality has no intention or no hope of doing so.

Why should a person that works for us make 1000 times more money than us?  Hell even that amount is less than what they actually make.  Ron Paul will change that.


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