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Somebody please tell me why in the hell did we risk and “Give” our lives for this country? As a disabled vet, I sit here and read more into this shite every day. I hear and see one sham our Government has gotten us into after the other. Why? WTF??? I honestly don’t know how to write what I wanna say here and damned sure can’t write what it makes me want to do.
Then I keep hearing about this NWO “New World Order” how they are gonna rule the world, topple the currency market within the next few months supposedly. Who the F$#@ do these people think they are? This is the lives of our family and loved ones they are messing with here. I don’t know weather to scream “MORE” about what has been done, or what about to be done?
Like I said I’m not a writer. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to say what I wanna say in writing, But I will say this!! Open your eyes People, Look out!! Good Luck and may God help us all!


“In the last decade the problem of over printing was solved by artificially raising oil prices through the Peak Oil hoax, and ending Iraqi oil production. It must be understood that the Empire is not looking for more oil production. There is so much oil in the world that should it be drilled for freely, it would end the Money Power’s energy monopoly. The Iraq invasion and the quest for control of the Middle-East is to keep a lid on oil production. Saddam’s suicidal decision to accept euro for his oil only hastened his demise.”

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NWO “New World Order?????”

The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order
Posted by David R. Duringer, JD, LL.M on May 29, 2013

Reblogged from Real Currencies:

For years now, the collapse of the dollar has been in the cards. Recent developments show mounting pressure on the dollar’s reserve currency status. With a major international deflation going on, the threat of inflation through money printing is unreal. However, should the dollar’s reserve currency status end, the repatriation of trillions of petro- and eurodollars could lead to a strongly inflationary scenario.

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