DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.” :: The Last Great Stand

DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.” :: The Last Great Stand.

In December of 2012 we published a report from the Northeast Intelligence Networkdetailing a possible set of scenarios and timelines. In the report, Doug Hagmann interviewed an anonymous DHS Insider with information that was absolutely mind blowing.


The Insider claimed that in the Spring of 2013 life for the average American would begin to change significantly. He advised that these changes would be revealed after a large collapse in the price of precious metals, which like other financial instruments, were being manipulated by the powers that be. The claims were dismissed by many as ridiculous, with suggestions that the “anonymous source” must be a fake if he won’t even reveal his name.


Given the blowback anonymous sources in recent years have experienced – Bradley Manning, Juliane Assange, and now Edward Snowden to name a few – is there any question as to why any Insider leaking information would want to remain anonymous?

That aside, consider not who the Insider is, but rather  Read more here



NATURAL CURES How many of these foods do YOU like:  Better yet, How many can you learn to like?

InsomniaLocal Raw Honey: Use honey as a tranquilizer and as a sedative

AsthmaRed Onions: Eating onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes

ArthritisFish Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines prevent arthritis

Upset stomach ❥ Bananas & Ginger. Bananas will settle an upset stomach. Ginger cures morning sickness and nausea

Bladder infectionscranberry juice: High-acid cranberry juice controls harmful bacteria

Strong bonesPineapple for Bone fractures and osteoporosis can also be prevented. There is manganese in pineapple

Memory problemsOysters: Oysters help increase your mental function by supplying much needed Zinc

CoughRed Pepper: A substance similar to that found in cough syrup is found in hot red pepper

Breast Cancer Cabbage and plant fiber help maintain healthy estrogen levels

Lung cancer Orange & Green vegetables: A good antidote is beta-carotene, a form of Vitamin A found in orange & green vegetables

Blood Sugar ImbalanceBroccoli & Peanuts: The chromium in broccoli and peanuts helps regulate insulin and blood sugar

DiarrheaLet an apple turn brown and eat it when having diarrhea

Clogged ArteriesAvocados: Mono-unsaturated fat in avocados lower cholesterol

High Blood pressureOlive Oil and Celery: Olive oil has been shown to lower blood pressure. Celery contains a chemical that also lowers blood pressure

UlcersCabbage: Cabbage contains a chemical that helps heal both types of ulcers

Headachesfish protein: eat fish, it prevents headaches as does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain

StrokesTea prevents buildup of fatty deposits on artery walls, drink tea daily

Hay FeverGreek yogurt: Eat yogurt or local raw honey before pollen season

Do you know of more natural cures?  Please let me know if you do!!  I’m trying to find a way to come off all of these poisons they call meds today that they currently have me on.  I personally have a local pharmacy that I take 2 to 3 times a day.  16+ pills at each time!!  The way they are trying to kick us veterans to the curve it want be long b4 I want have any med. ins. at all.  They are constantly telling me that I’m no longer eligible for my most important drugs.  Usually 1 a month.  It was my insulin last month and my psychotropic meds the month b4 that. 

It’s time for a real change in my life style starting with my food intake.

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